Friday, December 10, 2010

The Body

   Our body is the poetry of our lives. Within it is our story as it reacts to our choices and builds upon what is asked of it. It holds the rhythm of our history and moves with grace even when we are unaware. If you want to find the “now”, ask yourself, “What is the condition of my body? How am I standing? How am I breathing? Do I feel any warm sensations, or pain and where are they felt?”
   If you feel as though you have lost touch with the condition of your body, I suggest taking a class with a good yoga teacher. If yoga is not your thing, then go for a walk or run out doors. Spend time feeling the body in motion, feeling it push and pull. Feel your heart pump as it feeds the body prana (oxygen, vital life force). Bring your awareness into the fiber of your muscles as they work to fulfill your requests, or quite simply become more aware of your breath each moment as you sit or walk from one place to the next.
   Get to know your body again! Cultivating the awareness of the inner self will be difficult if the connection with the vehicle that navigates you through life is lost. The Divine is hidden within our very cells. We do not need to look far to see our truth; it is right under our nose. In fact, it is our nose.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Guidance of The Heart

     There is no risk in listening and following the guidance of the heart. I believe we risk much more when we ignore it. Each one of us has the ability to listen to the wisdom of our inner voice, each one of us is responding each day to it as it attempts to grab hold of our attention regardless of our level of consciousness. We are either responding ignorantly or consciously. Both responses shape our lives in their own unique ways.
   It is obvious how an ignorant relationship with our inner wisdom can impact the quality of our lives. There will always be a sense of lack that accompanies that choice, a sense of not being fulfilled or a feeling of incompleteness. The fluidity of life will be jammed and our sense of direction and accomplishment will be random.

   When you are listening though, when you are bringing your senses into alignment for the purpose of understanding the wisdom within, the light that spreads itself across the sky seems brighter. But also the darkness can seem darker and more frightening. This is why it seems risky to follow the heart, because in order to truly understand your truth you must know all of its ways of expressing itself which can often include facing fear and pain. But beneath turmoil stirs bliss and joy. It is the light of awareness that allows truth to emerge freely from dormancy to reach and spread itself across the open space of your life. To suppress truth, to ignore it is to stifle its ability to flourish. The flourishing of truth is the unfolding of purpose and life with purpose is abundant, joyful and fluid. What truth am I referring to? The deep well of love that we all drink from running freely through us like a powerful river.