Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daily Draft

05:45 AM Dreams. Such strange things. Not the ones we stumble over in our sleep, the ones that move us through life. I realise I am the creater of my life, or more accurately I am the co-creater, and so should I let go of the the wheel of safety and grab hold of faith's wheel? This a constant question which has become a quest. What if I did? What could be lost? Am I already loosing by clinging to security? I realise I have more questions than answers. Like dreams and goals, questions are also the pavement beneath us. Once an answer comes though, it laboriously contracts giving birth to more questions. A dream is a question. Can I do this? I know I must because the heart pulls at me, but can I? Ahh, and there is so much love in creating it isn't there? In fact the real juice of a thing is not in its finality, it's in its process. Life could not be more wonderful than this moment right now.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Perspective on Death

    If we can view death through the eyes of detachment, then it is clear that in death nothing is lost. Obviously we will not be able to share time in the future with those that have passed, but what remains with us are memories and the impressions they leave behind. Nothing gained sharing life with another can ever be lost. Like a mountain cannot be what it is without the elements that shape it, like a river is nothing without the Sun, the clouds and the gravity that pulls it. We too would not be who we are now without the beautiful beings that fill our lives. So the impressions they leave remain long after they have left. 
   I believe the greatest lesson death teaches us is the value of being completely present to all of the blessings in our life that dance as gracefully as flowers moved by wind. We so very often miss the gifts! A day can pass without kissing what is loved as we are mired in deadlines and aversions. We must live to enjoy the finest fiber of each things blossoming within the field of existence. The dance of life is only a dance when the music is heard and when the dance is set ablaze under the spotlight of our looking, our loving and our giving to it what it gives to us. Otherwise it is a miss. In death we see the value of this presence. To miss the dance would be a shame.