Saturday, January 8, 2011


It's meditation where we learn not to react. It is there where we learn to avoid attaching ourselves to thoughts. They come, but we sit. We stay returning to our breath, returning to where the warm air hugs our heart and where our heart embraces breath and shares it with the body. The outside air becomes inside life and our blood roots us in consciousness. We are alive, we are connected. We are not our thoughts; we are blood, we are breath, we are life. Can you feel your arteries and organs smiling and saying, "beautiful sky, I am the same as you! I am you and you are in me! This life is abundant and I am everything; the rain, the clouds, the sun and the wind in the trees."
What a gift it is to share the atmosphere, and though we are wonderfully attached to this Earth, we hold weightlessness in our breath. The same air that holds the soaring hawk is swimming through our liver. With my eyes closed, I smile to the hawk gliding through my vessels.

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