Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daily Draft

05:45 AM Dreams. Such strange things. Not the ones we stumble over in our sleep, the ones that move us through life. I realise I am the creater of my life, or more accurately I am the co-creater, and so should I let go of the the wheel of safety and grab hold of faith's wheel? This a constant question which has become a quest. What if I did? What could be lost? Am I already loosing by clinging to security? I realise I have more questions than answers. Like dreams and goals, questions are also the pavement beneath us. Once an answer comes though, it laboriously contracts giving birth to more questions. A dream is a question. Can I do this? I know I must because the heart pulls at me, but can I? Ahh, and there is so much love in creating it isn't there? In fact the real juice of a thing is not in its finality, it's in its process. Life could not be more wonderful than this moment right now.

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