Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's the Rush Yoga Studio

We are very excited to begin our dream of owning a yoga studio. The beauty in what we are sharing with the community is a yoga practice that is designed for all levels of experience. The use of props and the emphasis placed on alignment allows for the exploration of your body whether you are flexible or stiff, strong or working to build strength. This noncompetitive environment offers the freedom to enjoy the tremendous benefits of yoga without worry. So often I hear people say “I can’t do yoga. I am too stiff, I am not flexible.” That is like saying I can’t drink water because I am too thirsty. I also hear, “Those crazy yoga people tie themselves into knots”. Rest assured we do not tie people into knots in our studio. But we do offer the freedom of physical movement that you deserve. It is our right to live abundantly. Abundance can be joyfully realized with a happy and liberated body and mind. It is our pleasure to invite you to What’s the Rush Yoga Studio where you will find the hidden smile within you waiting to bloom.
  526 west Lancaster BLVD suite 105,
Lancaster CA 661-492-4011

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