Thursday, November 4, 2010

Digging In

   If you are rooted in what you love and are filled with appreciation, could there ever be any concern in your life? The times in my life when I lack direction are the times when I have drifted from the practice that I love. It is only in those times that I feel my teaching is not clear for my students and that my life over all is out of balance. So life is simple for me, if I practice the yoga postures, if I meditate, if I am living consciously and gratefully, if I am writing and reading books that inspire me, then the gifts that I have to offer to my students are filled with love and clarity. This way I am never concerned about the quality of my teaching or the symmetry of my life.
   If we stay grounded in what we love and surround ourselves with all of the gifts in our lives, I can’t see what is impossible for us. Playing gracefully in what you adore, being grateful and joyful regardless of external circumstances and touching each thing with the greatest appreciation for it is a wonderful way to make the beauty in our lives lasting.
   There is so much magnificence that we miss by hurrying to life’s next thing. There is so much magnificence that fails to emerge from us because we fail to see what already is miraculous. Digging in to what we love and being grateful for the beauty that surrounds us is being rooted in our purest nature. Living this way, not only will we be free of our concern and fear, but we will also be free to enjoy life completely.    

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