Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nourish the world with your bliss!

   Purpose can be wonderfully discovered in the things that bring us joy. To uncover it, it is helpful to ask yourself what you want in this life, what actions make you feel whole, what hobbies or talents give you thought seizing enthusiastic joy. Those things are your God given talents and you have the right and responsibility to share them with the rest of us. Our joys are given to us not only to bring us pleasure but also to bring the world pleasure. Life is not merely made up of biding our time hoping for good raises, healthy pension plans, and recognition from a boss we’d rather not work for. It is about expansion, and growth, it’s about reaching the limits of our possibility. Settling for a safe life free of risk, free of taking a chance on our bliss prevents us from living a glorious life and prevents joy from flourishing not only in our life, but also in the lives of others whom we may potentially impact.
   So we must develop the courage to follow our bliss and to listen to our intuition! Yes, to follow this invisible voice for our practical, scientific, thought filled minds can be scary. This is because intuition can appear to have no ground and can feel strange and unsafe. A life less risky feels much safer because it appears to have a bottom and on this bottom we crawl around the floor of our potential settling for unfulfilling jobs ignoring the mystery of greater purpose that surrounds us. We choose lack because of its tangibility, because it feels recognizable and secure.
   Real risk is placing trust in your bliss. Bliss is the messenger of universal love! Begin to put the brickwork of you in place by following your joy. The path that it weaves through your inner landscape leads to your emancipation. Let go of the idea that what you do can’t be something you enjoy and that your work is merely a means to an end. The work that we do and the life that we live must become the outward expression of our inner elation. After all, happiness is the reward for doing what we were born to do. In this moment there is opportunity to bring excellence into our life and into the lives of others. Nourish the world with your bliss!

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