Friday, May 20, 2011

The Hub of the Human Wheel

   In order to explore this beautiful planet, this wonderful world, we must leave the safety and comfort of our home. It is in our explorations that we discover the boundaries of our life or more accurately, it is where our boundaries expand. But without a home to return to, there would not be a place to rest, to rejuvenate, or to cultivate peace. Without a home we would be groundless and life without foundation is confusing, directionless and exhausting.
   Our spiritual home is our heart center. Many of us have lost this home and have substituted it for the fleeting mind. As a result, much like wandering derelicts roaming city streets, we are lost beggars who are hungry and displaced. Finding our home again is the purpose of meditation. Of course we don’t interrupt our exploratory nature. What we do in meditation is align with the hub of this wheel so that our journey can be evolutionary not flighty and purposeless. The hub of human life is the heart. It is from the heart where all thought, all inspiration and all creation comes. It is the canal through which the spirit traverses to play delightfully in the playground of consciousness. To know this and to take up residence in the heart is to be at home wherever your feet touch the earth.    

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