Wednesday, October 6, 2010


   What a strange thing fear is. It can create disease in our bodies, bring imbalance to our ability to go confidently through life, can destroy relationships, and stiffen our ability to roam freely. But what is wonderful to know is that fear can only arrive in your life when you are living unconsciously. The space that surrounds awareness is filled with love only; our true nature is love. It is what we were born from; it is what we are now at this moment.
   It is helpful to think of fear as the voice of a stern mother asking us not to touch or do the things that are unhealthy or unsafe. Fear is born from our unconsciousness and is the sharp voice of our mother, the love that we are, warning us and asking that we return to the present moment. Only when we have removed ourselves from our truth by choosing to travel through life recklessly do we begin to shiver in the cold dark corners of fearfulness.
   So to listen to your fear and when it is felt remember to return to the love that you are is all that is needed. Say to yourself, "There is no fear, there is only love." Look deeply into your heart with a fresh smooth inhalation, and remove the black smoke that surrounds it with a peaceful exhalation. There is nothing for you to do but return to love, place your focus on it only. If fear is only unconsciousness, a lack of knowing that we are love, then all that we need to do to remove fear is return to the present moment by becoming aware of our breath and by reminding ourselves that our true nature is love and only love.

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