Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Field of Joy

Within everything that is wonderful is some element of struggle and suffering. Even a grand and beautiful tree is rooted in soil composed of fallen trees and leaves, deceased animals and dead plants. Nothing that ever arose to become great in its expression of life has eluded pain and suffering. Knowing this, it is clear that it is how we see our suffering that defines how we allow it to shape our lives. That it is viewed as something to be avoided is where our mistakes come. In our effort to avoid our struggles, all we find are more struggles.
   We have not within us always the capacity to understand the turns and twists of the great plan for our lives. Only when we have the courage to surrender and trust that what is moving through our life is part of a Divine plan do we then lesson our resistance to it and begin to align with inner truth. Our question should not be, “Why do I struggle”, but “Where am I being led”. And that question can be asked with an open curiousness and faith.
   Growth reveals itself on the other side of difficulty. Being able to truly appreciate light only comes because we’ve experienced darkness. It is our will and love for life powering us through disharmony that becomes more robust and solid like the trunk of the same tree that roots itself in the soil of decomposition. Struggle is a test of our will and love for living. The more tests we pass, the less we face in the future as we graduate into the field of joy.

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