Monday, October 11, 2010

You Gotta Be Able To Laugh

   A very wise and great friend of mine said to me, “You’ve gotta be able to laugh at yourself”. That could not be more accurate for me and for many others who, like me, take themselves and their lives too seriously. Now of course I would consider myself a person who is capable of enjoying the humor in life. I have certainly been known to break out into gut wiggling laughter, but it is quite true that I am often guilty of taking life too seriously.
    At times if another person and I have opposing views, and from within me rumbles up the molten rock of seriousness, it may be quite helpful if I could cool that heat by laughing. Because from the barrel of laughter comes a tremendous degree of openness and love.  For those of us who press ourselves up against the force of life, it may be quite a splendid thing to smile at the many bloopers that accompany being human. 
   It is reasonable to say that laughter in times of struggle and difficulty could have a transformational effect. Laughing is so wonderfully liberating and intoxicating. Sharing moments of laughter with friends and family creates life lasting bonds and delightful moments stored in the banks of our memory. It has tremendous healing powers and colors the atmosphere with positivity. So in the future, if someone is angry or irritated with me, I will try to make them laugh. If I find myself hardening my views and becoming irritated and angry, I will look for the humor in the humanness. Because it is wonderful to remember the great importance of lightening up and laughing.

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