Thursday, October 7, 2010


If I am afraid, it is usually the result of concerns that I have about something done in the past, a mistake for example, or I am worried about an event that is to come in the future like paying a bill or meeting a deadline. Another common concern I often experience is excessive thinking about how another person perceives me, what opinion they hold in regards to me.
   What I realize is that all of these things are irrelevant to what is happening in the moment. In the present there is no past or future, and certainly I can never think anyone else’s thoughts but my own. Also, in the present worry and fears do not exist so fear can only be a product of unconsciousness; when we are living consciously we are soundly rooted in the present moment.
   The fear that I am referring to, the same fear I wrote about in my previous blog, is the fear that we mill over in our minds and that manifests as stress in our lives and in our bodies blocking our otherwise smooth flowing of energy. I am not referring to the natural fight or flight instinct that happens at times of emergency. That fear is presence because there is no time to think or worry, there is only time to react and move. It is as pure as the present moment because it is an element of pure consciousness. At those times we are amazingly uncluttered.
   To be conscious is to be unafraid, to be joyful, to be happy. To be conscious is to know that what we deserve in life is the opposite of fear filled lack. We deserve to live abundantly!

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