Friday, October 8, 2010

Wonderful Life?

 Would you believe that we were born to live a wonderful life? If you don’t, more than likely your life is much less than wonderful. The circumstances in which you find yourself are woven beautifully together, designed in a way that is meant to guide you toward the joy and the bliss that you are. It is only in our inability to see this beauty that we find around each corner something much less than the joy we deserve, yet we have experienced enough happiness so far that we continue to seek more of it.
   How do you make happiness a permanent thing? How do you create an ever increasing flow of peace in your life? By realizing that you are nothing else but love. You were conceived out of love regardless of the environment you were born into. Love is the gravity of all things and everything points toward the deep well of bliss that it is. Ignorance of this truth is the root of dysfunction and the fragmentation of pure delight. Click here t
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